Wow, where did this year go so far…?

I had a lot of plans at the beginning of the year and some of them I just never had chance to implement as time has flown by so fast but there is one thing I did have planned that I have achieved and that is to help my daughter follow in her fathers footsteps along the green wood working path..!

I’ve been coaching her since last year in the ways of working and crafting with green wood and she’s been like a sponge, just soaking it all up and now she has her own craft business and on-line shop on Facebook and Etsy and is starting to get established.

One of her many successes has been to develop a great novelty product, it’s a chunky Hazel crayon made out of sustainably coppiced wood that the kids just love.

Actually, she’s making dozens of great items now and I’m getting to be a bit redundant to be honest…!

Perhaps I can go back to being retired again 🙂

You can find her work at or at

Chunky Hazel Crayons

Chunky Hazel Crayons