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Great Father’s Day Quote

Sorry I won’t be with you on fathers day dad as my car doesn’t need fixing and I’m OK for cash at the moment…!

Quote taken from the fathers day card from my daughter today ­čÖé


Allotment Plots – There’s always one a bit better than yours…!

I haven’t posted much about my allotment so far because when I took it on last autumn it was a jungle and the shed and greenhouses were virtually derelict and it really did not look like an allotment and there wasn’t much to blog about.

The plan was to blog my way through the transformation as I went through the spring and summer but as often happens, life took over and I was pulled in various directions and when we were working on the plot, it never seemed that what we were doing was worthy of readers investing time in the blogs so I never really got into the mind-set of regular allotment blogs.

In hind-sight this was a mistake because looking back, we have achieved great things given what we started with and looking over the plot last week in the sunshine made me realise this so ongoing, I will be blogging a bit more and sharing our successes and failures with the world.

One of our great successes this first season has been the Tomatoes. I sowed the first of the tomato seeds ┬áback in mid-January assuming we would have a normal spring and that I’d be able to get them into the cold greenhouses before they overrun the window cills at home but as we all know, spring was way late this year…!

In all, I sowed seed four tomato varieties, 3 indeterminate (vine) types [Money Maker – Roma and Gardeners Delight]and one bush type [Red Alert] and by the time I got to get them into the greenhouses a lot of them were very leggy and not looking too pretty but with some extra care, deep re-potting which I highly recommend because it creates significant root generation and some late spring sunshine, they have just gone crazy and now the plot is now the proud caretaker of something like 80 flourishing tomato plants.

I have all of the Roma plum toms in the cold greenhouse and the rest planted outside and the Roma’s already have young tomatoes on the first trusses which is very exciting.

But… back to the point of the title of this blog… If you are new to allotments, don’t be put off what you are doing on your plot if someone else’s plot looks like an excerpt from the Chelsea show because ┬áthere will always be better plots than yours and somewhere, there will also be better plots than the better plot you just saw so the secret as I see it, is to learn from those who are having better success with something than you are and not become envious of them and despondent.

Happy digging…