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Lindsey Stirling on BBC Breakfast TV

OMG – I switched on the TV this morning to watch the BBC breakfast show and there she was, our Lindsey…

I’m used to seeing her on my PC on You tube but not on my TV, what was going on ?

Lindsey is part way through a European tour and is London and so was being interviewed on the daily BBC Breakfast television show…!

Now I’m the wrong side of 50 something and not a big follower of Dub-step (dont even know what it is really) or gaming but I have been following Lindsey’s videos for over a year now and I’m hooked…!

I also heard recently that she has been signed by Troy Carter who is also Lady Gaga’s manager and with nearly 300 million hits on her You tube channels she is well on her way to stardom I think.

She is an amazing violinist and along with her lovely ‘impish’ smile and her dance steps has a very unique style.

There is an increasing number of very talented ‘You tube’ musicians out there and I’m hopeful Lindsey’s success will be followed by others and here are a few of my favorites:


Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time

How true this is 🙂

May 2013 Update – Convert An Old Greenhouse To A Poly-Tunnel

Well, as it’s turned out, this was one of my more successful projects…

The poly-greenhouse got pressed into service not long after I finished the conversion and it is now fully productive and currently hosting loads of seedlings plus two citrus plants that are recovering after being caught by the frost early last winter.

Last week the temperature got up to 44 C when we had a warm sunny day….!

I’ve been saving 4 pint plastic milk cartons that I have filled with water and placed around the inside edges of the poly-greenhouse and I have around 20 of them in there now and they act as a ‘heat-sink’ by absorbing the warm during the day and then releasing their warmth during the night when it’s colder.

If you have an old aluminium framed greenhouse minus all or some of it’s glass then you might think about converting it to a mini-poly tunnel.

Front elevation with ventilation grill in door

Front elevation with ventilation grill in door

Loaded with seedlings growing well
Loaded with seedlings growing well


Reality is what keeps going on when you stop believing in it

“Reality is what keeps going on when you stop believing in it… If the train is coming on and you say, I don’t believe it, it’s still gonna hit you.”

Attributed to Kathy McMahon