If you’re into woodlands, coppicing, bushcrafting, growing food, fly fishing, green wood working, wooden crafts or DIY then there might be something of interest for you here, especially if you are new to any of these.

If by any chance you happen to be an expert in any of these areas then do please  tell me so that I can learn from you 🙂

These days my activities are very much geared to the seasons.

The winter is when I carry out all of the Hazel coppicing and habitat management in the wood with my daughter, all the leaves are off the trees and the undergrowth is low and it’s easier to work but also, it’s the time when most small woodland mammals are hibernating and when the hazel is dormant.

As the winter gives way to spring, the coppicing is done and the cut hazel is trimmed and sorted into piles.This is the time for me to start messing about in my outdoor woodland workshop practicing green woodworking skills and making shavings…! – Hopefully, this activity can continue right trough to late autumn, time permitting.

From early spring and right through until the early winter, we will also be a busy with the allotment, I took it on late last year with my daughter so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into that and recording our progress.

April sees the start of the new river fly fishing season and I wasn’t able to get on the water very much at all last year so I’m really keen to make time for this during 2013.

My aim is to blog my way around all of the activities as often as I can and so you are very welcome to join me…

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